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Systematic Trouble Shooting


[2 CDs and 3 copies of reading materials]



When there is a breakdown in a hydraulic system, lot of time is wasted in finding the reason for breakdown.  This is because, most of the fitters and engineers follow trial and error method, as they do not have complete knowledge of hydraulic circuits.  If troubleshooting charts are prepared for each symptom of a hydraulic breakdown, root cause of the breakdown can be spotted very easily.  This training software helps to understand hydraulic circuits and to prepare troubleshooting charts.

            Software teaches the principle behind common hydraulic symbols and commonly found hydraulic circuits using animation in hydraulic circuits.  Learner has to draw the circuits and read the circuits of hydraulic systems found in their company, when advised by the software.  Finally, learners have to prepare troubleshooting chart for all possible problems and symptoms in their hydraulic systems. These charts can be sent to us for verification.  We shall provide our advice.

Languages:  English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil.

Learning Duration: 8 hours

Price:  Rs.23,840/- Including Service tax, Extra CD, packing, forwarding.


1. Hydraulic component symbols
a. Pump
b. Cylinder
c. Direction control valve
d. Tank, filter, strainer

2. Direction control circuits

3. Pressure control circuits
a. Relief valve
b. Pressure reducing valve
c. Sequence valve
d. Unloading valve

4. Flow control circuits
a. Flow control valve
b. Meter-in and meter-out control
c. Bleed - off control methods  

5. Accumulator and safety circuits
a. Accumulator
b. Unloading circuit
c. Safety circuit 1
d. Safety circuit 2

6. Systematic troubleshooting    


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