Interactive  Audio-visual Training Material

SAFETY - Change Attitude, Increase Knowledge

One FREE CD of your choice. (List is given at the end)


( 2 CD’s and 3 copies of Reading Materials )



         1. Pre-Test (to create interest and to show the need for these CDs)
         2. Practical exercises & discussions (to change attitude and to develop inclusiveness)
         3. Safety Audit Procedures (with sample)
         4. Safety Standards (with sample)
         5. Preparing Evacuation plan (with sample)
         6. First Aid Procedures.
         7. Personal Protective Equipments.
         8. Safety Gadgets (RCCB, AFCI, etc.)
         9. Safety System Procedures to avoid accidents.
       10. Do’s and Don’ts.
       11. Post-Test (to ensure learning effectiveness and to create satisfaction)


  1. In the beginning of the programme, a pre test should be written by learners so that they can realize their present knowledge.
  2. Your company safety manuals / rules should be kept in the training hall so that learners can see them, when suggested by the CBT.
  3. Very often learners have to read the reading materials so that their knowledge is reinforced.
  4. They have to do the practical exercises so that their attitude towards safety is changed.
  5. After the training programme, they have to write the post test, to assess the effectiveness of learning.
  6. We give 3 sets of reading materials with question papers and answer sheets.
  7. Using these answer sheets, a safety officer / engineer with few years
    experience can evaluate the effectiveness. 
  8. If the learners have any more doubt, they can write to us for clarification.

Our training materials will help the employees

To change the ATTITUDE towards safety procedures, with the help of many exercises and REPEATED EMPHASIS about the GRAVE RESULTS of unsafe activities.
To increase the AWARENESS about the importance of safety by sample safety audit procedures and safety standards.
To Increase the KNOWLEDGE on safety tremendously, by suitable video clips, photos, pictures and cartoons.

Our training materials will help your company

To avoid production loss due to unexpected accidents
 To avoid material loss
 To avoid injury and so COMPENSATION to employees
 To be a MODEL accident-free company
 To conduct safety training programmes periodically.
 To upgrade or develop Safety Audit procedures and Safety STANDARDS

Benefits of Self Learning or Training small  groups

This is the most cost-effective training methodology to change the ATTITUDE of employees and increase their KNOWLEDGE about safety.
ALL your EMPLOYEES can be trained at the shortest possible time

Learners can learn at their own speed for clear understanding

If a learner misses a portion of the training programme, he can go through it  later when he is free

Educate all your employees

CONVENIENT Methodology

 Sourse  of Information :

Materials are developed with the help of experienced Engineers and Managers.

License Fee for Interactive Audio-visual Training Material:

Rs.12,020/- Including Service tax, Extra CD, packing, forwarding.

(As this is knowledge CD, it is not a saleable item. We provide the service of clarification over mail, after learning through the CD, So, service tax is levied.)


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