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[ 4 CD’s and 3 copies of reading materials]




            In the beginning of the Computer Based Training Programme, a pre-test is to be written by learners so that they can realise where they lack knowledge.  Then they see the first chapter on types of bearingsDifferent types of bearings are to be kept in the training hall so that learners can see them, when suggested by the Computer Based Training Programme.  After seeing the first chapter, they have to read the first chapter in the reading material, so that their knowledge is reinforced.

            After a small break, they have to see the second chapter on Bearing code numbers in the CD and read the second chapter in the reading material.   They have to discuss among themselves about the types of bearings used in their departments and their code numbers.  After a short break, they have to see the third chapter on Bearing fitting methods.  In this chapter, various types of fitting methods, tools used and precautions to be followed are explained with few live videography. Then the learners have to read the third chapter in the reading material.

            Other three chapters are to be seen on a different day to avoid over loading their brain.  Fourth chapter explains various procedures, tools used and precautions to be followed in removing bearings with live videography.  Then learners have to read fourth chapter in the reading material. After a break, next chapter on lubrication is to be seen.  Later, chapter 5 in the reading material is to be read.  Final chapter on identification of duplicate bearings is to be seen and then the reading material is to be read.  At the end of each CD, a post test is to be written by the learners to assess effectiveness of learning. 

            Answers to the test papers are enclosed in the reading material.  Using these answer sheets, an engineer with few years experience can evaluate the effectiveness.  If the learners have any more doubt, they can write to us for clarification.
                        English, Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil.
Learning Duration: 6 Hours

Price:  Rs.22,310/- Including Service tax, Extra CD, packing, forwarding.

1. Types of bearings
a. Specific features
b. Allowable load directions
c. Alignment capability
2. Bearing codes
a. Significance of each digit
b. Importance of suffixes
c. Simplified rules to avoid confusion
3. Bearing fitting methods
a. Procedures
b. Tools
c. Precautions
4. Bearing removing methods
a. Procedures
b. Tools
c. Precautions
5. Lubrication of bearings
a. Understanding oil and grease names
b. Five precautions
6. Identification of duplicate bearings
a. Simple methods
b.Technical methods

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